Fun and games

Fun and games
It’s less than a hundred days now till the next general election here in the UK. This means we can expect to be bored silly by endless electioneering, little of which will have any real effect on our lives. Expect a lot of sneering from all sides about coalitions, even though we’ll almost certainly end up with another coalition government.
But there are some positives. Firstly, some printers will do quite well printing posters, leaflets and direct mail items for the various parties involved. For the rest of us, this is also the best time to raise any pressing issues with the local MP.
Meanwhile, here’s a spot quiz that you can put to any candidates that bother you on the doorstep: You print the wrong phone number on a mobile campaign billboard. Do you a) blame it on the printer, b) admit that you didn’t bother to read the proof, or c) claim that only you can save the NHS.

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