Fujifilm rebrands pressroom products

Fujifilm has rebranded its pressroom product range under the Superia brand name.

This will include its low chemistry thermal and violet CTP systems as well as the processless CTP plates and pressroom chemistry including fount solutions & additives, washes and maintenance auxiliaries. The Superia brand will also include XMF ColorPath, which offers cloud-based colour management & ink optimisation, as well as XMF Remote, a web-based tool for online job submission, previewing and approval. However, it will not include the full-blown XMF prepress workflow.

Inevitably, Fujifilm has stressed that by combining these products printers will be able to realise greater savings in time and cost. Fujifilm may have a point, given that these are all proven products, though it’s hard to see how a simple change in branding is going to improve their performance.

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