Fujifilm launches Vybrant wide format printer

Fujifilm has announced a new wide format printer, the Vybrant F1600, which will be shown at the Fespa Digital show. This is a 1.6m roll-to-roll device featuring Fujifilm’s patented Fuze hybrid UV ink technology. It is a four colour CMYK machine with a productivity of up to 18.0 m2/hour and guarantees adhesion to a wide range of substrates. 


The Fuze inks appear similar to Mimaki’s SUV inks in that the UV component of the ink produces a durable ink film with strong scratch resistance, while an eco-solvent carrier results in low ink build and improves the flexibility in terms of handling and finishing. There’s no need to allow time for de-gassing and substrates can be finished and shipped immediately after print. Fujifilm claims that the inks are capable of vivid colour reproduction resulting in a smooth glossy print. 


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