Fujifilm configures JetPress for folding carton

Fujifilm has adapted its B2 inkjet press, the JetPress 720S, so that it now works with folding carton. Essentially Fujifilm has increased the vacuum pressure around the drum and redesigned the vacuum jacket so that it can take the sort of heavier carton boards commonly used in packaging applications.

Some readers might remember that Fujifilm showed a prototype press, the JetPress F, at the last Drupa, which used a complex water-based UV ink meant for packaging applications. Two years ago Fujifilm showed a final version of this to customers at an open day event but then changed its mind and cancelled the press, mainly due to the difficulty of working with the ink. Instead, Fujifilm promised that it would adapt the JetPress 720 for folding carton.

The company has since improved the JetPress, launching the 720S version with revised ink and printheads and has added to its variable data capability. In many ways the Jetpress 720S, as a single-sided B2 press, is ideally suited to the short run folding carton market.

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