Flint launches white screen ink

The Flint Group’s Narrow Web division has upgraded its CombiWhite opaque white rotary screen ink. CombiWhite C3 is designed specifically for combination printing with all narrow web ink technologies and can be used on all types of substrates. This is often used as an over-printable layer in beverage, health and beauty, and no-label-look applications and works well with most print process such as UV flexo, UV offset, UV letterpress, UV screen, or water-based flexo.

The change was brought about by a reclassification of one of its raw materials – N-vinyl caprolactam – by the Reach (Registration, evaluation, authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation. This requires printing inks that contain more than 10 percent of NVC to be labelled as toxic due to the risk of serious damage to health through prolonged exposure to inhalation. Consequently many ink manufacturers have been reformulating inks to remove NVC.

Product Manager, Par Olsson commented: “The whole aim with this reformulation is that no one should notice any difference between existing formulations and the new, upgraded, CombiWhite C3. It is one of those few cases where you are happy to hear there is no difference between the new product and the previous one.”

He addsed: “When formulating an opaque white screen ink, one is really trying to combine some extreme, almost conflicting, print proprieties. The ink should be capable of performing at high speeds with free flow, no pinholes in solids, and with extreme sharp text; at the same time it should be easy to overprint. It is, indeed, a demanding product to master.”

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