Europeans Recycled 65 billion PET bottles in 2013

According to Petcore Europe, the European region recycled the equivalent of 65 billion PET bottles last year, making this the most recycled plastic material in Europe.

Roberto Bertaggia, chairman of Petcore Europe, said that this means that around 56 percent of all the PET containers in use in Europe were recycled last year. This is a seven percent increase on 2012. However, he pointed out that there is a huge disparity in collection rates amongst the European Union states. He added: “The extraordinary ability of PET to be recycled and reused into a wide variety of end uses is part of this success story and is helping towards the movement to a circular economy in Europe.”

Petcore Europe is a non-profit European trade association based in Brussels that aims to promote the use and recycling of PET. The full report will be presented at a PET Network event on 9th October in Brussels.

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