Epic fail

Epic fail

On the face of it, sending press releases to journalists ought to be fairly easy. What could be difficult about pasting the content into the body of a plain email and attaching a Word file plus a picture or link to a picture. Press releases that are difficult to access are less likely to be used. So, in case anyone is wondering – yes, it is too much effort to open an attached file, links to web pages are hit and miss, HTML emails are a pain in the proverbial and a Word file is better than a PDF.

My favourite recent experience is being given a USB stick as an alternative to a paper press release, only to find that it has every language except English. Better still, when I pointed this out, the PR agents emailed me an English version, which came as a Winmail.dat file??? Given that 90 percent of journalists use a Mac you’d think that most PR people would have realized that it’s best to send Mac friendly files to us?

But I admit defeat for the recent trend of waiting till the end of a trade show to send out details of things being shown there. And yet, people pay for this service.

Still, there’s probably a blog out there written by someone in PR detailing all the stupid things that journalists do.

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