Enfocus to launch Connect 13

Enfocus has announced the next update to its Connect program. Connect 13 expands file delivery controls, and delivers a new Connector structure that is easier to install, manage and access for all users. New workflow functions include the ability to restrict or allow delivery of files based on file type. With more focus on adding workflow features, such as the ability for an HTTP server to send custom web page URL or trigger a job file delivery based on preflight results, Connect 13 is able to be more integrated to existing systems providing user level or product level customized entry points.

In addition, users will be able to select what type of Enfocus PitStop Report is created and delivered with files, and apply PitStop Action Lists to locally saved PDF files processed by a Connector in order to apply watermarks, reduce image resolution, and more.

Connect aims to make the process of preparing, submitting and receiving consistent PDFs as painless as possible. Thus settings are encapsulated in an easily accessed, custom application called a Connector that provides consistency, even for novice users. Connectors can be completely customized to meet the needs of an individual user, or product workflow.

Connect is available in three versions: Connect You, for individual designers and production artists; and Connect All and Connect Send, for print service providers and other graphics organizations who can distribute Connectors to remote users.

Connect 13 will be available late February 2015. Connect You will be available online and through authorized resellers for €149. Connect All and Connect Send will be available through Enfocus authorised resellers for €3499 and €1499, respectively. Anyone that bought Connect 12 after the 1st December will get a free upgrade.

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