Elpical updates Claro automated image editor

Elpical has released version 10 of its Claro automatic image enhancement software. This is widely used by publishers to tidy large numbers of images quickly and cheaply.

The most obvious change is a completely new user-interface. There’s also a new intelligent colour filter that lets users make their images warmer or cooler using any colour they please. This means that neutral colours can stay neutral while other colours in images can be altered.

Elpical has also revamped the way that licenses are handled with the ability to activate a new license online, in real-time. Licenses can also be de-activated, if they need to be moved to another machine. It’s also possible now to create multiple user accounts and assign privileges to those accounts. Elpical has also extended the rental options so that Claro can be rented by the month, with the option of automatic renewals.

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