EFI wins legal victory over patent troll

EFI has scored another legal victory, this time at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which confirmed as invalid a device profile patent asserted by a subsidiary of the non-practicing entity Acacia Research Corporation against EFI and 31 other companies.

The issue began in August 2012 when Digitech Image Technologies, a subsidiary of Acacia, filed a patent infringement suit in a California federal court against EFI, certain EFI strategic partners and others. In August 2013, the district court invalidated the patent and entered judgment in favour of EFI and the other defendants, but Digitech appealed the ruling.

“The Federal Circuit’s decision confirms what we have maintained from the outset: that the patent is invalid and that EFI and its partners should not have been sued in the first place,” said EFI General Counsel Bryan Ko. “We will continue to fight these kinds of meritless lawsuits in as many courts as is necessary to protect ourselves, our partners and our customers. As we have said before, we will not be bullied into settling abusive lawsuits by patent trolls.”


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