EFI shows new 12-colour Reggiani textile printer

EFI Reggiani has launched a new textile printer called Reggiani Colors, which has been shown off at this week’s ITM textile exhibition in Istanbul.

This EFI Reggiani printer boasts 12 colour channels.

The printer has 12 colour channels and can be configured with different types of inks including special inks, inks of different chemistry types, and chemistry for special treatments such as for higher-penetration printing, all at the same time. It can also be set up with two sets of six colours for faster throughput. It can produce up to 560 sqm/hr with a print width from 180 to 340mm.

EFI says that it uses a simplified printhead design and proprietary electronics on the printer to reduce setup time and streamline maintenance tasks. There’s a continuous ink recirculation system that should help to prevent the heads from clogging even with more difficult inks, reducing purging and maintenance time.

Adele Genoni, vice president and general manager of EFI Reggiani, commented: “This unparalleled new digital printer brings new creativity to the industry with an explosion of colour. And, along with the entire portfolio of advanced EFI Reggiani textile production solutions, it helps our customers reach new levels of sustainability, efficiency and profitability.”

EFI has also developed a Fiery Textile bundle, which combines technologies for efficient textile design and file preparation with the Fiery ProServer RIP and has been designed for use with the Reggiani printers. The bundle includes Fiery DesignPro tools that lets users create their own designs with seamless repeat patterns, different colourways, colour libraries and palettes.

EFI has also shown off a new Mezzera Loop Slasher product, which is designed to eliminate the excess water usage, chemistry waste and high operating costs in denim production. It uses nitrogen sealed chambers to improve indigo performance and preserve chemicals. EFI claims that it has a 35% smaller footprint and uses 50% less indigo liquor in comparison with other denim production technologies (though without specifying which other technologies). EFI also claims that up to 40% of the hydrosulphite chemical that’s used to produce denim can be re-used.


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