EFI buys thermoforming IP

EFI has acquired key intellectual property assets for digital inkjet printing of thermoformed products from Polymeric Imaging, a specialist provider of UV and LED inks for industrial and graphic arts applications. 

Polymeric Imaging has extensive R&D experience in the development of inkjet inks that address important curing, adhesion, density and durability issues. EFI has said that it will use the acquired technology to improve the capabilities of its inks for thermoforming and other high-elongation applications.

The deal also includes EFI hiring several key Polymeric Imaging employees responsible for technical and market development of digital ink and coating products. They are currently assisting EFI’s ink operations in the development and testing of new formulations for use in EFI inkjet products.

Don Sloan, who founded and owns Polymeric Imaging, commented: “This deal provides significantly greater scale and reach for the development and commercialization of some of the key R&D breakthroughs we have made with inkjet ink.”

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but the deal is not expected to be material to EFI’s Q4 or full-year 2014 financial results.

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