Ebeam partners with INX

Ebeam Technologies, which has developed various solutions ranging from X-rays to ink curing based around electron beams, has partnered with INX International, which develops printing inks.

Compact EB curing system as launched at the last Drupa show.

Electron beams can be used to cure UV inks – though there’s no need for photo initiators in the inks. Ebeam is currently working on promoting its EB curing for use in packaging printing, particularly for food packaging, where it has the advantage of being odourless.

Stefano Rogora, sales & marketing manager for INX Digital International, elaborated further: “We are excited to be partnering with Ebeam because its low energy curing process provides a number of important features: ebeam-cured inks have a higher gloss, higher shine finish that is more scratch resistant due to the molecular crosslinking the beaming creates. Ebeam is also ‘colour blind,’ so able to cure any colour, even metallics; and last but not least, Ebeam inks are photoinitiator-free.”

Ebeam is working with a number of inkjet ink manufacturers to develop inks optimized for EB curing and to secure the necessary safety certifications. Elsa Callini, business development manager for Ebeam Technologies, commented: “INX is a fantastic new addition to our growing partner community and we’re really excited to be working with INX to help bring continued innovation to the print and packaging industry.”

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