Duplo releases DB290 perfect binder

Duplo has announced a new perfect binder, the DB290, which can produce up to 200 books per hour.

This Duplo DB290 perfect binder can produce 200 books per hour.

It uses wheels, fed from their own dedicated glue tank to apply glue to the sides of the book blocks. The advantage is that this tank can be loaded with a different type of glue, usually a fast-drying adhesive, used to help support the shape of the book, while the main tank holds a longer-drying glue that gives more time for the adhesive to thoroughly penetrate the spine. This should ensure a better bind and squarer books.

It can handle books up to a maximum thickness of 40mm and can be used to produce soft cover books, tape bound books and note pads.

Robin Greenhalgh, Duplo International Chairman, said: “Our new side gluing technique is really going to impress users, who will be amazed at the quality from the better binding and squarer books. With the emphasis on today’s printer to provide a multi-service approach we have developed DM-290 to deliver a high-quality book without the need for a skilled operator. Electronic operation and a clearly marked LED display ensures more precise setting. It is flexible too with a conversion to padding jobs achieved at the push of a button. All these elements have been combined to ease set up and operation for the most efficient and profitable results.”

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