Duplo launches DuSense coater

Duplo has demonstrated a new coating machine, the DuSense Sensory Coater, which will be given its International launch at the Ipex show later this year.

The DuSense Sensory Coater is a UV spot coater that can add embossing effects to short run prints.

It’s designed to add a range of embellishments to short run digital prints. Essentially, it’s a B3-size inkjet machine, fitted with 600 dpi heads, that prints clear UV spot varnish. It can be used for embossing effects and can handle both heavy solids and fine detail in the same pass. Duplo has reused the sheet feeder from its DC-746 cutter/creaser, which it allows it to produce up to 1080 B3 sheets per hour.

Duplo has also developed a fine particle coating, available in vacuum-packed cartridges, which is suitable for coated stocks from HP Indigo presses, offset presses or from any other digital press after laminating with corona treated film. At Ipex, Duplo will announce a second formula for Xerox digital presses.

Peter Jolly, Managing Director of Duplo UK, says that it offers printers new revenue streams, noting: “In that regard, we believe that the Duplo DuSense is exactly what digital printers have been looking for: not only does it produce beautiful printed products, but it does so with entry and running costs that are hugely competitive. It will be a great asset to any digital print business.”

The machine was first previewed last year in the US and first shown in the UK at Duplo’s Summer Festival in May. It’s available now in the UK, with distribution in other countries to follow later. The first unit has been installed at commercial printer Flexpress in Leicester.

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