Domino to print Mailmark codes

Domino has implemented the Royal Mail’s Mailmark technology, which is aimed at high volume users. Greg Noble, Royal Mail’s Customer Take-on Lead for the Mailmark Programme explains: “We were aware that Domino supplies coding and marking and digital printing technologies for the mailing industry, and were keen for the company to develop a Mailmark compatible solution.”

Mailmark uses a 2D matrix code that encrypts postal data and offers users web-based reporting from an online analytics dashboard. Once the code has been scanned, customers can access detailed consignment level reports on predicted delivery, volume and performance as well as error reporting down to the item level.

Greg Noble: “By adding a Mailmark barcode to each letter in your mailing, you are able to track the consignment from the moment it is accepted at a mail centre through to when it is processed for delivery. Details are entered into online reports that can be accessed by Royal Mail customers with relative ease – we view it as a way of putting you in control of your mail.”

Noble continues: “The Mailmark option requires that mail producers provide data to Royal Mail electronically and that they print high quality datamatrices on to each mailpiece.”

Domino used two of its existing solutions, the K600i for printing to flat items, and the Bitjet, which can print code onto non-pourous substrates such as polythene.

Domino has also offered to trade both the Bitjet and K600i for old technologies for those mailing houses still using older technology that can’t cope with the new 2D code, in order to allow a smooth transition

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