Domino announces K600i White inkjet module

Domino has said that it will launch a new print module at Label Expo, the K600i White, which combines a new state-of-the-art ink management system with a heavily pigmented UV curable white ink.

The new K600i White print module is ideally suited for transparent label applications.

Essentially Domino has updated the K600i by giving it the same white ink system as its N610i label press, which continuously mixes the white ink to avoid the heavy white pigment particles settling or blocking the nozzles.

The K600i series is a print module that can be retrofitted to existing presses to give them additional capability. This latest version incorporates two print bars for increased ink laydown capability at higher speeds. It can run at 50mpm across a 333mm width, with a faster 75mpm mode that has lower coverage.

It’s widely acknowledged that Domino’s white UV ink is one of the most opaque whites around, an essential characteristic for label printing. Philip Easton, Director of Domino Digital Printing Solutions says that it’s ideally suited for transparent label applications such as personal care labels, adding: “With the ability to print high quality small font sizes in white text, the system is both a good replacement for screen printing and is substantially more versatile.”

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