DMA warning for app push marketing

A research study from the DMA on app push notifications has found that UK users are ambivalent to such message with a third of those polled refusing push notifications from smartphone and tablet apps. The study, which polled 1,000 UK adult consumers, found that 31% had never enabled push notifications on their devices, with one in five of those respondents saying they didn’t know what a push notification was.

Of those that did allow push notifications, 78% said ‘they would immediately delete the app or disable the notification’ if they were unhappy with the push notifications they receive. However, one in four would personalise app notifications if they were given the option.

In other findings, 34% of smartphone owners using brand apps would welcome notifications about sales promotions, while 26% would welcome push notifications for new products/launches updates and location-based offers. Consumers welcomed alerts from supermarket and music/radio apps, closely followed by TV/film apps, as their most preferred push notifications.

Douglas McDonald, a member of the DMA Mobile & Connected Marketing Council commented: “For those brands with apps, push notifications are now an important tool in the customer communications box. It’s still isolated from many companies’ comms strategy and planning. It’s time to make it part of the planned customer journeys alongside email and other methods.”

The findings of the DMA’s Mobile push notifications report can be viewed by downloading the infographic from


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