Dalim updates ES management software

Dalim has updated its Enterprise Solution production automation software to v4.5. The program is an integrated media production platform offering a complete solution for the management and production of the many aspects of media services, regardless of final output. It combines enterprise resource planning with technical workflow production along with business process management for a highly flexible centralized platform.

The new features are designed to reach out to marketing services such as photo studios, retailers and brand owners as well as print service providers. In doing so, production automation is expanded from business process management to final file processing—from preproduction to image handling to video.

ES 4.5 takes care of storing, revision management, cataloging, transforming and sharing a range of files from traditional file types used in office documents, video, sound, and print production, to RAW images uploaded right from the location of the photo shoot, and even 3D Collada files.

The new version can work with referenced content, including large video files as well as revisions on a local or remote file system and can automatically catalog and share those files.

ES 4.5 includes an easy to connect API, so that supporting solutions such as WordPress or Drupal can be easily integrated. The same API makes it easy for companies to brand their own portals, offering a standard way to communicate with asset management.

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