Cron partners ECRM to enter US market

China’s largest CTP manufacturer, Cron, has set-up a joint venture company with ECRM Imaging Systems as a way into the North American market. The joint venture company, Cron-ECRM will serve as the master distributor in North America for both the Cron CTP systems and a new line of offset printing plates manufactured in China called Blackwood.

The new company will also partner with Cron for CtP development and be responsible for research and development of new, high-quality prepress equipment that will be distributed worldwide. As such the new venture will be a crucial part of Cron’s strategy for global distribution of its CtP solutions around the world.

Cron-ECRM LLC, will be headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Rick Black will be President and CEO of the new company, while Mike Xiang will be Chairman of the Board.

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