Corel updates PaintShop Pro

Corel has announced the latest update to its Paintshop Pro photo editing series, version X7, also available as an Ultimate edition.

There’s a new Magic Fill tool that can erase an unwanted element and replace it with content that matches the background area—even if it’s textured or varied.

Corel has also enhanced the way the layers work so that a layer from one image can be dragged to another and dropped between or above a specific layer in the Layers palette. Corel also claims a 30 percent improvement in the performance of its brushes, largely due to the move to 64-bit processing.

 Amongst the new tools there’s a new Materials Palette for creating color, texture or pattern effects and there’s a Dropper tool for building your own materials and colour palettes. There are also new text and Shape Cutter tools that can be used to clip underlying photos or imagery to any image to build a collage.

Corel also claims to have redesigned some of the more common tools, such as the red eye and digital noise removal, as well as selective focus and graduated filters. In addition Paintshop Pro now supports XMP metadata files.

The Ultimate edition also includes an automated correction tool, Perfectly Clear by Athentech Imaging, plus a portrait retouching module, Reallusion FaceFilter3 Standard.

Finally, Corel has also created a combined photo and video editing bundle, the Photo Video Suit X7, by adding VideoStudio Pro X7 to Paintshop Pro.


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