Corel releases Painter Essentials 5

Corel has launched Painter Essentials 5, a complete art studio for beginner digital artists, hobbyists, photo enthusiasts and anyone who wants to create artwork that stands out. It’s basically a cut down version of Painter.

It has a broad range of Natural Media brushes, paper textures and media that mimic traditional art tools. These include realistic watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, chalks, pens, pencils and markers. There are Particle brushes, which create brushstrokes that flow, spring and gravitate onto the canvas from a central point, and Kaleidoscope, which transforms basic brushstrokes into colorful and symmetrical kaleidoscope images.

It also includes some tools for drawing on photographs, including Auto-Painting that transforms a photo into a painting, and the more selective Photo-Painting.

According to Corel, the interface is easy to understand and gets out of the way so users can start drawing and painting immediately. It also has various learning tools to help users throughout the creative process.

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