Corel launches Painter 2015

Corel has released the latest version of its Painter program for creating painting effects. Despite releasing it at the end of this month, Corel has optimistically called it Painter 2015. There are a number of new and enhanced features including new Particle Brushes, which create unique effects with simple brush strokes, and Jitter Smoothing, which gives brushstrokes a more organic look by delivering natural-looking space and flow

The Mac version gains 64-bit support and Corel claims to have speeded up both the Mac and PC versions by around 40 percent. There’s also support for Windows tablets with Real Time Stylus. The full version costs £314.95.

There’s also a new Painter Mobile App for Android, which has more than 70 Painter brushes. Users can import artwork directly into Painter 2015 or export using formats such as JPEG, PNG or PSD. There’s a choice between a basic version that’s free or a more comprehensive edition for $4.99. 

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