Charger with automatic off launched

Harri Tiainen, a Finnish inventor has developed a battery charger for mobile devices that can automatically cut the electric current once the device is charged. Tiainen claims that his BrightCharger is the most energy-efficient charger in the world, with the potential to significantly reduce energy usage, given that most people will leave their devices plugged in overnight, and the chargers still draw power if left plugged into the mains, even if the mobile device is unplugged.

Tiainen is currently looking for a global manufacturer for his device. He commented: “I hope that the new generation BrightCharger will become the number one choice for all mobile device manufacturers and that every mobile device user will soon be using a BrightCharger. I also want to bring something beautiful to people’s homes by investing in the design of chargers and in new lighting features. After all, there’s no reason for a charger to be just an ugly black box.”

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