CGS prepares for CxF data

CGS has worked with SmileyColor to develop two tools designed to take advantage of the forthcoming ISO 17972 standard, which uses CxF/X-4 data in PDF documents to help designers and print buyers effectively describe the colours they want to use to their printers. 

The standard is scheduled for final publication in October 2014 and will replace the current CGATS format for communicating color information. Xrite’s Color Exchange Format (CxF) uses XML data to work across different processes and should make it easier to accurately simulate ink colors, tint ramps and overprints for design prints and contract proofing.

Thus CGS has developed Oris CxF Toolbox, which creates CxF/X-4 data from a measurement file, including spectral data, delivering a file that allows the printer to define ingredients and tolerances, data for ink formulation and pre-qualification of inks, proofing and process control systems.

The second tool is Oris CxF Designer, an Illustrator plug-in that imports CxF data containing a brand owner’s specific brand colours or libraries into the Adobe design software colour pallet. It then embeds spectral data, tints ramps and opacity information to final PDF/X files in an open file format.


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