CFH Docmail invests in Pitney Bowes

CFH Docmail, one of the UK’s leading print and mail specialists, has invested £1.3m in Pitney Bowes’ inserting, printing and reading technology.  CFH Docmail will use it to set up a White Paper Factory, in which all documents and envelopes created and printed from rolls of white paper. 

The investment includes the Mailstream Productivity series of high volume inserting systems, a Print+ Messenger Colour Inkjet System for colour envelope printing, a Print+ Response Inkjet module for business reply envelope printing and Integrity Camera Systems. This means that each and every mailpiece is tracked through production and contains the correct, relevant information for the end recipient with the minimum amount of waste.

The white paper factory eliminates the need for pre-printed forms and envelopes and the associated inventory costs. The reduction in waste also helps CFH Docmail to meet its Corporate Social Responsibility objectives for the environment.

Dave Broadway, Managing Director, CFH Docmail commented: “Investing in this technology from Pitney Bowes will have a significant impact on our clients’ communications. Envelope personalisation will offer our customers exciting new options in how their mail is delivered.”

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