Landa reveals first three beta sites

Landa finally appears ready to deliver on the promise of its nanographic print technology that was first announced at Drupa 2012. The company has announced the first three customers to beta test its simplex B1 S10 Nanographics press, which means that we could be looking at commercial availability for the S10 in the first half of next year. Continue reading “Landa reveals first three beta sites”

SPG launches new laser engraver

SPG Prints has announced a new larger version of its RotaLen direct laser engraver for imaging nickel screen cylinders. The new 914mm RotaLen is larger than the existing 660mm version and is aimed at mid-web package printing applications including folding cartons. The larger model can also image two reusable RotaPlate screens simultaneously when applied to a drum of 1300mm circumference.  Continue reading “SPG launches new laser engraver”