Packz completes Colibri integration

September 16, 2015

Matchmycolor and Packz have completed their software integration program, as announced in December 2014. This allows customers using Packz prepress productivity tools to specify and manage brand colours through Matchmycolor’s Colibri.

Judy van de Langkruis, managing partner of matchmycolor, explained: “We ensure the integrity of the colour is maintained at all stages: from design, hard copy proofing, printing and preparation of inks, to the supply of product.”

ISO adopts CxF colour exchange format

June 17, 2015

The International Standards Organisation, or ISO, is to take over X-Rite’s Color Exchange Format, currently at version 3, as a new standard for color data exchange and verification covered by ISO 17972-1:2015. As such, this gives the graphic arts industry an accurate, efficient way to communicate color information across any supply chain. Continue reading “ISO adopts CxF colour exchange format”