Commonplace materials for 3D printing

June 25, 2018

Earlier this year I was sent a book to review – Printing architecture: innovative recipes for 3D printing – by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, professors at the University of California, Berkeley, and San Jose State University, respectively.

This book – Printing Architecture – mainly covers how conventional materials can be 3D printed to create new objects, including building bricks.

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Nottingham Uni tests 3D print materials

June 22, 2018

A team of researchers from Nottingham University in the UK have proved that advanced materials containing molecules that switch states in response to environmental stimuli such as light can be fabricated using 3D printing. This in turn would benefit industries such as electronics, healthcare and quantum computing. Continue reading “Nottingham Uni tests 3D print materials”

Materialise looks to hybrid manufacturing

June 12, 2018

Materialise, which develops additive manufacturing solutions, has partnered with HCL technologies, which has developed CamWorks software, in order to  develop a new Powered by Materialise module for CamWorks for increased integration for hybrid manufacturing of metal parts. Continue reading “Materialise looks to hybrid manufacturing”