New lightweight titanium Sulphur alloy developed

February 8, 2018

Researchers at Saarland University’s Chair for Metallic Materials have developed a new class of amorphous metals, titanium-sulfur alloys, said to be very light and almost twice as strong as conventional titanium-based metals. Continue reading “New lightweight titanium Sulphur alloy developed”

Kornit adds HD option to Avalanche

Kornit has introduced a new HD version of its Avalanche direct to garment printer, with the new HD6 replacing the Avalanche Hexa, which should be available later this quarter. According to the press release, the HD6 has a new HD print engine and a new version of Kornit’s NeoPigment ink, but as far as I can tell the new ink, which is called NeoPigment Rapid, is the HD element and the print engine remains virtually unchanged. Continue reading “Kornit adds HD option to Avalanche”

Curves and colours

January 17, 2018

Software is often overlooked when we talk about digital printing but in most cases it’s the software that pulls the print solution together. So I was encouraged to find quite a few software companies exhibiting at the last InPrint show.

Debbie Thorpe, Business Development director for Global Inkjet Systems (GIS).

Continue reading “Curves and colours”