Epson announces new treatment for textile printing

April 6, 2018

Epson, or at least its Italian subsidiary For.Tex, has launched a new textile pre-treatment formula for printing to fabrics with pigment inks. Pregen PCC gives those fabrics a grade 4 rating for resistance to rubbing in both dry and wet tests. Continue reading “Epson announces new treatment for textile printing”

Kyocera announces new air-cooled LED unit

April 3, 2018

Kyocera has developed a new air-cooled UV-LED curing light, the G5A series, which it claims to be the smallest and most powerful currently available. It’s aimed at industrial UV ink printing applications, such as billboard printing, as well as UV-cured coating and adhesive processes. Continue reading “Kyocera announces new air-cooled LED unit”

GEW offers new UV monitoring system

March 29, 2018

GEW, which makes mercury UV and LED UV curing systems, has developed a new UV monitor, the mUVm, which can include up to five UV sensors to give continuous monitoring of UV output on a press. The aim is to measure the degree of curing to ensure the optimum output from the lamp and reflector system, making this a useful part of any UV-curing printing system. Continue reading “GEW offers new UV monitoring system”

Agfa sells part of its ink business to Siegwerk

March 5, 2018

Agfa Graphics, which has a significant portfolio of wide format and industrial inkjet inks, has agreed a strategic alliance with Siegwerk Druckfarben, which mainly supplies inks for packaging and labels. The arrangement covers the production of digital packaging inks. Continue reading “Agfa sells part of its ink business to Siegwerk”