The softer side of Fespa

June 11, 2018

In recent years Fespa has hosted a growing number of textile printers of all shapes and sizes aimed at everything from soft signage to garment production, which has reflected the chaotic state of this emerging market.

Printeriors showed off the possibilities of printed interiors at the entranceway to the show.

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Additive or industrial printing?

November 13, 2017

This week we have two trade shows to choose between, Formnext in Frankfurt and InPrint in Munich, both interesting in their own right and ostensibly targeting different markets but both involving printing technology as a manufacturing process.

Formnext is the main European show for 3D printing.

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Leaders in Technology

July 19, 2017

Recently I went to the InPrint Leaders in Technology summit in Cambridge, organised by FM Brooks, the people behind the InPrint show. They have a new show, Pure Digital, which also deals with the industrial print sector but seen from the creatives viewpoint. So this conference bridged both of these sectors and took in quite a wide range of subjects from personalised print through to the difficulties of moving into industrial print as well as more esoteric ideas from marketing through to staff management.

Marcus Timson, co-founder FM Brooks

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Fespa Hamburg: the bit in the middle

May 16, 2017

I’m not really sure what to make of last week’s Fespa show. Most journalists in the press office, being typical media types, spent as much time discussing if the Hamburger came from Hamburg as they did talking about wide format printing.

Fespa 2017 took place at the Hamburg Messe.

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Printing and industrial uses

November 20, 2015

If we’re honest, last week’s InPrint was a very small show. It didn’t even fill a single hall at the Munich Messe, and was tucked away around the back at the Eastern Entrance, which is closer to the tube station but lacks the grand entranceway with the pond full of swans and the broad driveway with all the flags fluttering languidly in the breeze, as flags do.

Frazer Chesterman, one of the co-organisers of the show.
Frazer Chesterman, one of the co-organisers of the show.

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Inprint – the industrial side of printing

November 12, 2015

The graphic arts have become increasingly industrialised over the last five to ten years, as standardisation has taken much of the craft aspect out of the business. So it’s hardly surprising that many equipment vendors are now looking for opportunities in manufacturing industries. But what are those opportunities, and what exactly is industrial printing?InPrint 2015 show

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Industrial Printing

November 9, 2015

Industrial Printing
This week sees the second outing of the InPrint show, this time in Munich, starting on Tuesday. It’s hard to define industrial printing. It includes conventional print technologies such as screen and wide format, but also more niche elements like 3D printing and some novel approaches to inkjet. It covers a wide market, from automotive, electronics and white goods to interior décor, as well as a fair bit of packaging.
There’s a technical conference with some 60 sessions and a second show, Productronica, which covers electronic manufacturing. I’ll be there so look out for a report later this week.

The colour of labels

October 14, 2015

Now that this year’s label show is all done – and I’ve had a chance to write the stories that people actually pay me for – it’s time for a final appraisal of the show.

Industrial Inkjet launched this high speed single colour print unit, the MP500i.
Industrial Inkjet launched this high speed single colour print unit, the MP500i.

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