Kodak and Uteco launch Sapphire Evo digital press

April 24, 2018

Uteco has announced a new hybrid digital press, the Sapphire Evo, aimed at packaging converters and using Kodak’s Stream inkjet technology. It was first shown as a technology demonstration back at Drupa 2016 and is now commercially available. Continue reading “Kodak and Uteco launch Sapphire Evo digital press”

Analyse this

April 23, 2018

It seems to me that data analytics is all the rage these days. But leaving aside FaceBook and dodgy data mining, there is a practical reason for using data to understand the way that your business is performing with a growing number of printing equipment manufacturers lining up to sell your data back to you.

Graham Avery, Business Manager worldwide consultant for Heidelberg.

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Just in time book publishing

HP used last week’s London Book Fair to announce a new set of cloud-based book publishing services called Piazza. This allows publishers to build a virtual warehouse for the management, automation, distribution, print, and direct fulfilment of book orders, while holding zero inventory.

From Left: Stephen Jones, International Production Director for Pearson, with Rob Hutcheson, managing director of Ashford Print Services.

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