Canto updates Cumulus DAM

Canto has released the 10.1.1 update for its Cumulus asset management system. There’s a new Portals Plug-in API to add additional functionality via configurable buttons. These buttons can be linked to the thumbnail view and the basket. The plug-ins are hosted in a Portals folder and can be managed via the Web Server Console.

The Cumulus Web Client now offers Print Templates for printing a selection of assets as contact sheets. The assets can be selected through searches or be picked out individually or come through a collection. There are different templates available, depending on the permissions that each user has.

Canto has also made small enhancements to the Cumulus InDesign Client. Thus, when an InDesign document is checked in, the included assets are also checked in and the reference for each of them is updated to the new Cumulus location. These assets can now be opened by its default application. When a document is closed, the client will offer options such as “Keep checked out” or “Undo check out”. Assets can also be deleted from Cumulus through InDesign.

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