Canto launches Flight cloud system

Canto has announced a new cloud-based system, called Flight, to intelligently handle growing volumes of rich media files. It allows customers to store, capture metadata, sort, filter and share visual content quickly and easily.

According to Jack McGannon, Canto CEO: “Flight was developed for the increasing number of organisations looking to access applications in the cloud rather than deploy on their own infrastructure.”

Upon upload, Flight offers single click access to smartalbums that automatically assign all images, videos, audio files, presentations and documents into their respective content groupings.  Users can also mark any file as a “Favorite” to access frequently used content at any time with a single-tap and collaboration is enabled through Flight’s commenting feature. Keywords can be set up to maintain a controlled vocabulary but there are also tags for users to add freeform labels. Links can be shared via email or Dropbox with associated expiration dates on shared links.  Customers can also add their own brand to the platform.

The system is designed to complement Canto’s existing digital asset management program. There’s also an iPad app available.

It  runs on the Amazon Web Services Cloud as a subscription, with an Economy bundle package starting at $6,000 per year.


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