Canon improves business analysis tool

Canon has improved its business analysis service – the Business and Innovation Scan. This has been tailored to help corporate data centre managers gain a greater understanding of the impact that current trends in transactional applications and so on yada yada yada. Good grief – we’re only half way through that sentence and I can tell you that the rest of it doesn’t make any sense either. But that’s Canon press releases for you.

Basically, I think what they meant to say is that this service can now offer suggestions to improve business performance based on trends in transactional printing. The service starts with an on-site audit with a Canon consultant, followed by a detailed set of recommendations for improvements.

The key to it is the broad scope of the auditing and benchmarking process, which includes cost control, sustainability, productivity, security and integration.

Canon first introduced the Business and Innovation Scan in response to market insight intelligence. According to the latest 2014 report around 80% of PSPs recognise the need to change their current business model but less than 50% actually have a plan in place to help them to make that change.

Still, now you can amuse yourselves by seeing how many websites publish this story in full.

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