Canon and Tecnau collaborate over splicer

Canon is to sell the new Tecnau Zero Speed Splicer u40 in combination with its Océ ColorStream 3000 series of digital production printers. The Splicer u40 eliminates printer stoppages due to roll changeover, which can last from five to fifteen minutes. Given that the current crop of high-speed printers can get through a roll within an hour that adds up to a significant amount of time saved throughout a shift.

To develop this solution, Tecnau and Canon have collaborated to ensure that the total line is highly integrated to minimise operator intervention, paper waste and printer downtime. When the roll is about to run out, the u40 automatically splices the old roll to the leading edge of the new roll, while the printer automatically raises the inkjet heads into safe position to eliminate any risk of head damage. As soon as the splice exits the printer, the Océ ColorStream 3000 automatically restarts printing, ramping to maximum speed.

The system has already been installed at two sites using the Canon printers.

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