Candy 3D food printer announced

British start-up company 3D ventures has announced its intention to make a range of 3D food printers for both industry and consumer users, focusing on confectionery.

The first of these products, Candy, is a printer that helps consumers decorate cakes, make cookies and print bespoke chocolates.
It can print from any semi-solid foodstuff, and is simply a matter of filling up the dispenser with a filling of choice, selecting the design required from the supplied SD card and then printing. It ships with templates but users can create their own designs.

It should cost £300 but customers can order just an electric extruder from 3D Ventures that could be used it with a current 3D printer.

3D Ventures notes that the company is aiming to reach a fundraising goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter to attract as many backers as possible.  Their campaign pitch can be seen at:

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