B&W launches new Versa-Tech cutting table

The Essex-based engineering firm Blackman & White has developed a new cutting table, the Versa-Tech, which it will show for the first time at the Sign and Digital exhibition in March.

The Versa-Tech can handle materials up to 3.2m, and can be configured with a single conveyorised or flatbed heavy-duty table. It uses a 2.5kW water-cooled router for sustained production runs on heavy-duty materials such as acrylics and Dibond. It runs on a linear rack ensuring accuracy is maintained over time.

There’s a choice of tools, including crease, kiss cut, router, drag knife, oscillating knife and driven rotary knife. Customers can purchase one tool initially, then add others over time as their needs change. It allows for dual driven tooling with interchangeable ‘drop-in’ tools, with both an oscillating head and driven wheel to quickly change beween different cutting types.

Managing Director Alex White commented: “The sign and graphics market is always moving at a furious pace with innovations in both media and print technology, and our customers rely on the ability to diversify and handle new materials to capitalise on the opportunities that brings.”

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