BPIF sets up law firm

The British Printing Industries Federation is to set up its own law firm, BPIF Legal Ltd. Any organisation that passes the tests set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) can set up as a law firm and the BPIF has now completed those tests.

BPIF Legal will be staffed by solicitors who are employees of the Trade Association and who will offer a range of legal services dealing with employment and commercial issues.

The legal services offered will be at competitive rates, and always on a fixed fee basis. Anne Copley, Head of Legal, points out “The main bugbear when considering using a solicitor is the ‘dripping roast’ nature of the relationship so that the client has no clear idea of the fees they may incur. We will completely remove that uncertainty.”

This will extend the service already offered by the BPIF and lower the costs. Barry Curryer, Operations Director at BCQ and a member of the BPIF’s Legal Plus scheme, commented: “Being able to use lawyers with a profound understanding of my own industry is of huge benefit, and I am very pleased that I will now be able to work more closely with them.”

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