Bielomatti develops Stream inkjet printer

Bielomatti, the company formed from a joint venture between Bielomatik and Matti, is to present a new inkjet printer based on Kodak’s Stream technology at an open house event at its base in Neuffen.

Stream is the continuous inkjet technology that underpins Kodak’s Prosper presses and S-series imprinting modules. Bielomatti claims that it offers up to 70 percent lower production costs than comparable systems.

As it happens, I remember seeing a beta version of a Matti inkjet printer at Ipex 2010 – which looked a lot like a Kodak VR200 but with four Stream heads fitted.

Bielomatti has obviously worked hard in the intervening years because its now planning to show a printer configured as a complete production line for saddle-stitched books, magazine and brochures. This comprises two printing units for duplexing, with the cover feeder, stitching unit, folding and spine pressing plus a final cutting unit. The printing is mono on both sides over a 622mm print width plus four Prosper S10 heads with a 100mm width for spot colour. However, it’s possible to add more spot colours, or even to have full colour across the web.

It can run at up to 200 mpm. Bielomatti says that changes between jobs of the same format can be done on the fly, with short changeovers for different formats. It should be capable of producing 110 finished products.

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