BDT patents shingle stream media handling

BDT Media Automation, which develops flexible media management solutions for digital print, packaging and converting markets, has gained a US patent for a new shingling method.

This enables the formation of variable overlap shingled streams over a wide range of media types and sizes without the need for mechanical intervention or adjustment. It allows for media stacks with very clean edges to be collected within variable sheeter systems without the need to mechanically adjust end stops or guides. The stacks are inherently aligned to the front edge of a pallet or trolley, doing away with the need within converting applications to realign the stacks offline, which should lead to higher quality on applications such as cutting or gluing.

The system relies on BDT’s Tornado modules, which create a low pressure zone to attract and control the media. Each module is independent, controlled through software. This approach is an alternative to vacuum-based systems that use complex suction cup or vacuum belt elements. With this method it is also possible to create overlapping streams of packaging materials including very light weight media, cardboard and flexible bags.

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