Avery Dennison to sue UPM Raflatac (Updated)

Avery Dennison has filed a lawsuit in Germany against UPM Raflatac, asserting that Raflex MDO infringes its patent on its Global MDO pressure-sensitive film product with European Patent Number 2 049 333 B1. Avery Dennison is seeking to stop UPM Raflatac from manufacturing, marketing, or selling Raflex MDO without a license. Global MDO is protected under patents granted in both Europe and China, and has patent applications pending in the US and Brazil.

Jeroen Diderich, vice president of global marketing for Avery Dennison, commented: “We attempted to negotiate a license agreement with UPM Raflatac, in the hope of avoiding litigation while allowing their continued supply of this product. Unfortunately, that effort was unsuccessful.”

The Global MDO, which stands for machine direction oriented, technology provides high conformability with a wide range of packaging shapes, while still being printable. The MDO range has been around since 1995.


UPM Raflatac has now responded to say that it disputes there has been any patent infringement, noting: “UPM Raflatac has been developing a number of products within the MDO film technology field that have resulted in several new inventions that are protected globally through patenting. Raflex MDO is one good example of this development program, creating a high performing product that brings an alternative to the market place.”

UPM Raflatac’s statement says that it “has continuously sought to seek mutual understanding in this claim. In the absence of such understanding, UPM Raflatac will use every effort to protect itself against this groundless claim and its right to continue the manufacturing and supply of Raflex MDO to its customers.”


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