Congra becomes largest shareholder in Global Graphics

March 12, 2019

Regular readers may remember that at the end of last year I reported on a proposed takeover of Global Graphics, developer of the Harlequin RIP, by Congra Software, which owns Hybrid Software, and now we have a new chapter in this story.

Gary Fry, CEO of Global Graphics.
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Roland announces LEF2-200 industrial printer

March 11, 2019

Roland has announced a new printer, the VersaUV LEF2-200, which as the name suggests is an updated version of its existing LEF200 though it’s not really clear in what way Roland has improved this printer, other than changing the colour of the cover from green to white. 

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Screen signs three inkjet press deals

Screen seems to have had a successful trip to last week’s Hunkeler Innovation Days in Switzerland, having sold several presses including three more of its Truepress Jet 520HD+ single pass inkjets. This is in addition to the 100 that have already been sold, which includes both the original Truepress Jet520HD and the new 520HD+ worldwide. 

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Ricoh announces new industrial printheads

Ricoh has announced a new MH5320 series of printheads, which is aimed at industrial applications, including wide format graphics and textile printing.

This Ricoh MH5320 is a greyscale printhead capable of producing drops from 5 to 15 pico litres.
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