Stratasys launches new Objet260 Dental 3D printer

Stratasys has announced a new 3D dental printer, the Objet260 Dental 3D printer, which is based on the PolyJet triple-jetting technology and can 3D print three different materials on a single tray. It’s aimed at mid-sized dental labs and can produce surgical guides, models, and appliances for a variety of patient requirements. Continue reading “Stratasys launches new Objet260 Dental 3D printer”

Durst composes its own Symphony

Last week I covered Durst’s new P5 family of wide format printers and ended with a promise to write about the Symphony software that accompanies these printers as well as the Durst Analytics offering that underpins Durst’s new approach to workflow.

The P5 series gain this new 32ins touchscreen. Note also the ability to hang useful items on the side and the highly reflective design of the new printer.

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