Asahi launches new plate processor

Asahi Photoproducts, which produces flexo plates, has announced a new flexo plate processor, the AWP 4835 P, which will be officially launched at the Label Expo show at the end of this month. It takes plates up to 120 x 90 cm and thickness of 1.14 mm and 1.70 mm.

It uses reverse rotating and oscillating brushes to ensure optimum washout performance, with processing temperatures around 40⁰C to ensure dimensional stability for the plates. There’s a two-way filtration system to capture washed photopolymer residues. It uses a touch screen control panel and has a small footprint of just 3195 x 2056 x 1310 mm (LxWxH).

David Galton, sales director for Asahi Photoproducts, added: “It is engineered to deliver a sustainable quality output with fast plate access time. Its water processor reduces water use to a minimum, and washed photopolymer residues are filtered, resulting in a solid polymer cake that is easily recyclable.”

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