Apple offers OS sneak peak

Apple has unveiled details of its next generation operating systems for both iOS and OS X at its annual World Wide Developer’s Conference. OS X 10.10, code-named Yosemite, gains a new user interface that borrow much from the current iOS 7, such as the translucent backgrounds. Apple also claims to have improved the overall efficiency, which should lead to faster start-ups and improved battery performance for laptops.

There’s also a new iCloud Drive, which appears to graft some of the features of Dropbox onto Apple’s iCloud service.

There’s also a new programming language called Swift, which replaces Objective C, which uses similar features to those found in C++ and Java such as well-defined namespaces, generics, and operator overloading.

There’s a new version of iOS 8, which gains an updated Notifications Centre that let’s users deal with messages without leaving some apps including Messages and Calendar. The keyboard automated suggestions are improved through the context-aware QuickType.

Apple has also pledged to improve the synchronisation of messages and documents between multiple devices, which for most Apple users can’t come soon enough.

There’s a new API for iOS called HealthKit that will collate information such as your weight and fitness activities from other apps. This presumably ties in with the much-anticipated iWatch, which could theoretically monitor information such as your heart beat.

The good news for apple users is that 10.10 Yosemite supports that same hardware as Mountain Lion and Mavericks but iOS 8 drops support for the iPhone 4. Apple has also said that it will add an Explore tab to its sprawling App store to help people gain some control when hunting for new apps.


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