Antalis introduces Myrmex supplier platform

Antalis has set up a new supplier platform, Myrmex, which aims to strengthen traceability of its entire supply chain.

It works by gathering information on suppliers’ regulatory conformity and adherence with new FSC and PEFC standards, as well as the new European Timber regulation.

Antalis has also added a Sustainable Woodpulp and Paper Sourcing policy that outlines its efforts to use timber from legal, sustainable and well-managed sources, and supports initiatives and forestry management schemes that promote this.

This then allows Antalis to evaluate the potential risks linked to certain suppliers sources and take measures to mitigate them if necessary, and of course, means that it can be seen to be doing so. Antalis claims that this also helps its suppliers gather together information that is often scattered across their organisation. Essentially, Antalis asks its suppliers to complete a questionnaire, then verifies the information and evaluates the potential risks linked to each supplier per product. Matthew Botfield, Environmental Manager at Antalis UK, explained: “We have an obligation to ensure that our commercial development takes into account key economic, social and environmental concerns”.

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