Alwan adopts ISO15339

Alwan has updated its Expertise Color Suite 5.0 and named it the McDowell Suite in honour of Dave McDowell of the ISO TC130 committee, who has overseen the development of the ISO 15339 standard to enable colour reproduction across printing technologies. 

To support this new standard, the Alwan Color Suite 5.0 allows print buyers and printers to agree on aims and tolerances for each print job and make sure that visuals and brand colors are reproduced accurately and within agreed upon tolerances. Elie Khoury, founder and president of Alwan, commented: “Today, with the imminent publishing of ISO 15339, the new printing standard enables color reproduction across printing technologies. Print buyers and printers have the ability to define and assess aims and tolerances for printed colors (not only process colors) based on an ISO standard.” 

The McDowell Suite also supports ISO 17972-4 known as the CxF/X-4 standard, which enables brand owners to define and communicate an accurate description of the colors they expect from the printing process. Khoury says: “We believe that these two new standards will help the printing industry make a huge step towards the necessary automation and optimization of printing workflows from color definition to color reproduction to color conformance across the supply chain.  For all these reasons we have decided to have these standards implemented and available in our new suite”.

The suite includes ColorHub 5.0, PrintStandardizer 5.0 and PrintVerifier 3.0, which have been optimised to work together in a single workflow. Print Buyer’s can choose printing aims from ISO’s 15339 seven standard Color Reference Printing Conditions ranging from small (newspaper) to large (digital). They can also choose printing tolerances for a job from 3 levels of conformance, stringent (level A), normal (level B) or relaxed (level C). These choices are then used by the different Alwan elements to deliver uniform colour management. 

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