Agfa updates Fortuna security software

Agfa has released Fortuna 9.0, the latest version of its design software for high-end security printing. It’s widely used to produce secure documents such as passports, ID documents, high-security cards, tax stamps, security documents and lottery tickets. This version gains new tools focused around productivity and ease of use.

Fortuna 9 takes a modular approach, meaning that customers can choose various security features out of several that fit the needs of the security designer or printer. It introduces a level of automation, based around outputting high-quality and complex images to help deter and stop counterfeiters.

It has a new Geometrics module that simply and quickly generates space-filling curves. Fortuna 9 also includes a completely new font management tool with support for Open Type fonts and TrueType fonts. Fortuna 9’s “smart selection” option now allows specific objects to be selected more easily and the software adds improved handling for high-resolution images and raw text.

It should be available by June.

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