Agfa updates Arziro Design security software

Agfa has released Arziro Design 2.0, which is aimed at the general security printing market. It’s a complete end-to-end workflow that includes security design software, additional design modules and an authentication solution.

This new version offers additional features such as live variable line widths and additional guilloches, as well as new functions including Smart Selection, which helps designers to select subsets of complex elements automatically.

There’s also a Plus version. Andy Grant, Agfa’s global head of software, explains: “It is specifically designed for government entities, security printers, and security designers, and offers exclusive features for even better protection against brand counterfeiting.”

There’s an optional Anti-Copy module that produces custom-made, copy-proof patterns that expose counterfeits and thus adds more security to the design of documents.

There’s an Authenticate module that produces secure, copy-proof QR+ codes that can be printed directly on a counterfeit-sensitive printed item. These codes can be scanned with a smartphone to easily verify the authenticity of an item.

There’s also a prepress element that enables security printers to work with complex documents and create reliable soft proofs as well as generating a security design output. It decrypts authentication and secure elements such as those created by the Arziro Design software.

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